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18 March, 2023

Sepak Takraw Club - Java Institute

Sepak Takraw, also known as kick volleyball, is a sport that originated in Southeast Asia and is now played worldwide. It is played with a rattan ball and is similar to volleyball, but players use their feet, knees, chest, and head to pass the ball over a net to the opposing team, with the objective of making it touch the ground on their opponent's side. Sepak Takraw can be played individually or in teams, and requires physical agility, coordination, and quick reflexes. It is often played recreationally as well as competitively, with various tournaments and events held globally. Sepak Takraw has gained popularity in recent years, especially in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Mr. K.K.I Srimal, the head coach of the Java Institute Sepak takraw team, was a former coach for both the Army and National Sepak takraw teams in Sri Lanka. He also represented both teams as a player and served as the former captain. Mr. SriMal holds a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and a Master's degree in Reading. He has completed various coaching and referee courses, including the India Coaches Course level 1.
At the international level, Mr. Srimal has achieved several accolades, including securing 2nd place in the 26th King's Cup World Championship in Thailand in 2011 and 3rd place in the 29th King's Cup World Championship in 2014. He has also participated in various South Asian Sepak Takraw championships, achieving double 3rd place in 2012 in Nepal and 3rd place in 2016 in Myanmar. In national competitions, Mr. Srimal has won several first and second places in Regu and Double categories between 2016 and 2021.