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17 February, 2017

SQA Audit of the Java Institute – February 2017

As a leading higher education institute of Sri Lanka, the Java Institute for Advanced Technology acquired the internationally recognised certifications from Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), which is a government body of the Government of Scotland. Consequently, the recent Scottish Qualifications Authority audit of the Java Institute was successfully held on the 15th of February 2017 at the Colombo Branch premises. The Scottish Qualifications Authority representative who visited the Java Institute was Ms. Barbara Irvine, an experienced external systems verifier with over 17 years experience in the field of higher education. All members of the Management as well as staff of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology prepared for the Scottish Qualifications Authority audit in a highly motivated and exceptional manner. The members of the Department of Academic Affairs and Administration, Department of Examinations, Department of Public Relations as well as other departments of the Java Institute handled the preparation for the audit in a highly commendable way. The Java Institute was represented by Mr. Mevan Wickramasinghe, SQA Coordinator/Head of International Relations, and supported by Mr. Kasun Shamentha, Head of Academic Affairs and Administration. After the in-depth and extensive audit session by Scottish Qualifications Authority, the Java Institute managed to accomplish a successful end-result. Ms. Irivine commended the best practices employed by the Java Institute and commented on how in certain instances the Java Institute exceeded the standards set by the SQA and encouraged the further development of the Java Institute’s unique processes and quality systems. All members of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology were committed and dedicated and performed tirelessly for weeks to ensure that the high academic and quality standards of the Institute are maintained by the institute were accurately documented and available for the systems verifier to confirm and approve.