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14 January, 2018

PCJT Software Engineer's Everest Challenge Completed

The Java Institute PCJT Software Engineering Team has completed their Everest expedition under extremely harsh weather conditions in the Himalayan mountain range.

As of now, no team from any university in Sri Lanka has ever taken part in such an Everest expedition during the month of December.

It has been reported that they have returned to Sri Lanka on the 10th of January, 2018 where they were greeted by many students and staff members.

They had to face a snowstorm at night near the Island Peak climb and they have successfully climbed the following peaks.

1. Chhukung Ri (Height 5550 m)
2. Island Peak Base Camp (Height 5600 m)
3. Island Peak (Height 6189 m)
4. Gorak Shep (Height 5140 m)
5. Everest Base Camp (Height 5364 m)
6. Kalaphathar (Height 5550 m)
7. Cholar Pass (Height 5368 m)

The PCJT Software Engineers that took part in the expedition are as follows,

1. Bhatiya Tissera (Managing Director - Java Institute for Advanced Technology)
2. Eshan Oshada
3. Dilshan Navinda
4. Maneesha Chandula


During April 2018, Mr Bhatiya Tissera will be climbing to the top of Mount Everest (29,029ft) along with Team B which consists of,

1. Eranga Srimal
2. Upulitha Kumarasingha
3. Mohommed Kalaf
4. Akash Sandkelum
5. Pasindu Igalla