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25 February, 2022

Java Institute represented at the Meet and greet for CPO of Virtusa

Java Institute represented at the Meet and greet for CPO of Virtusa - 24th February, 2022. Dr. Nirodha Rupasinghe, CEO of the Java Institute and Mr. Tharaka Pathum Sankalpa, Director - Java Robotics Intelligent System Research Center and Senior lecturer attended the special meet and greet organized by Virtusa with Mr. Sundararajan Narayanan, EVP & Chief People Officer at Virtusa held on the 24th of February 2022. Mr. Narayan addressed the gathering and explained that Virtusa with a workforce of 33,000 software engineers is expected to expand that number within the next 4 years and emphasized the importance of Sri Lankan universities to focus on identifying industry requirements and updating curricula to fit these requirements. Mr. Narayan further stated that Virtusa would be offering trainings and workshops in order to facilitate this process. Addressing the meeting, Dr. Rupasinghe explained that the degree programmes offered by the Java Institute, namely the BSc in Software Engineering top up degree, validated by Birmingham City University, and the four year BEng in Software Engineering with over 600+ credits, had been developed to address these requirements and concluded his presentation by noting that in order to develop full-stack software engineers, such as the PCJT Software Engineer programmes requires a radical shift from the traditional framework of most universities and should not limit the subjects being taught and should instead make all subjects compulsory, as this is the key to developing a stronger, more qualified software engineers. The event was also attended by Naresha Supramanian, SVP & Head of Asia Pacific and Sampath Thrimavithana, Head of HR - Virtusa Sri Lanka and a renowned Data Scientist. About Sundararajan Narayanan Sundararajan Narayanan is the Chief People Officer of Virtusa and he oversees all high-level HRM-related functions of the corporation at an international scale. Specifically, he overseas talent acquisition, talent management, leadership development, and global immigration while focusing on facilitating a digital-ready environment for Virtusa. Group photograph caption


The photograph depicts (from left to right) Tharaka Pathum (Head of Technology and senior lecturer, JIAT), Nirodha Rupasinghe (CEO and senior lecturer, JIAT), Naresha Supramanian (SVP and Head of Asia Pacific, Virtusa), Sundararajan Narayanan (Chief People Officer, Virtusa), and Sampath Thrimavithana (Head of HR, Virtusa, and data scientist).